Live Life in Automatic

About Grayton

Grayton was born of a watch manufacturer idea to offer an automatic timepieces and offer handsome choices for luxury lifestyles. Choose the watch that authentically demontrates your values and beliefs.


The Art of Automatic

Automatic watches are the technology of the past used in the modern world. Grayton's caftsmen pay close attention to every detail of the watch to ensure and insure the exquisite quality of each timepiece.


Classic Collection

Radiance Collection


When a reporter, explorer and writer who loves the Tibetan mountains meets Grayton Automatic Watches, a colorful collection is born from
the heights of Shangri-La and touched by a ray of light: Radiance.
Thanks to our new Ambassador Constantin De Slizewicz!

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Capturing your daily moments is an important part of the Grayton experience. It is the passion of our customers and therefore the soul of our brand. Atop a building with a fantastic view, near the sea, in your favorite coffee shop ora cozy moment at home in front of the fire...

Let your imagination run wild...