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La collection classique

Grayton collection classique revendique la tradition et l'artisanat en héritage, pour les hommes et les femmes attachés à des valeurs de qualité. La dimension émotionnelle vient de la transmission et du partage que La Grayton classique encourage à travers des produits faits pour durer.

Adoptez La Montre Automatique Grayton Avec Style

Tailles de boitier : 44mm, 40mm et 36mm

Avec 3 tailles de boitier (44mm, 40mm et 36mm), il y a toujours une montre automatique Grayton qui vous convient.

La Collection Classique

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Les moments du quotidien sont précieux, capturez-les et partagez-les avec la communauté Grayton. Du haut d’un gratte-ciel, au bord de la mer, dans votre café préféré ou au coin d’un feu de cheminée…

Laissez votre imagination vous porter…

Grayton Classic Automatic Watches Collection:
A Touch of an Exquisite Life

When something turns into fad, people will easily get crazy and be lured with it, as if it has a magic. They will patronize it, love it, and promote it to anyone they know until they realized one day that it does not anymore make a buzz in the world. In other words, it does not make sense anymore.

While this may sound true in the fashion world, and in other enterprises arena, it is still evident that there are times when certain iconic items stay on the track and become the “classics” as they call it.

Anything under the sun can be a classic. But the question of how to become one definitely needs a justifiable answer. What really makes a thing classic?

In the watchmaking world, the finest timepieces are all made with utmost care and attention to details. From the designs down to its movement, the art of making the finest timepieces is a spectacle you do not want to miss out.

Grayton Classic Automatic Watches Collection is a gallery of elegant, classy and splendid automatic watches. We believe that for our automatic watches to be considered as classic, it should never be out of style. That is why, from the choice of colors down to the most minute details of our watches, we always make sure that everything is well-taken care of.

You can name a hundredfold of reasons why you should have a classic automatic watch; yet one thing is for sure — its legacy is long-lasting. It is an ultimate accessory that is like a camouflage animal that can easily blend with your everyday attire. It is also durable, can stand the test of time, and above all, this is a timepiece that can surely beat a price point.

With this, given the fact that so much rivalries are present among the different brands in the watchmaking arena, we believe that the only thing that can set us apart from others is our uniqueness. That is, our classic collection never goes out of style because this is our identity. It is our lifeline.

Incorporating the traditional values of conventional watchmaking industry into the modern-day designs and aesthetics is something that is not easy to do. The endless pursuit of perfecting this methodology is definitely the reason why Grayton still exists.

Night changes, beauty fades and the dynamic world will eventually become a different one, but the elegance of classic watches will remain forever. Just like a grand heirloom from your grandparents, a watch may not be either one of their favorites, but this is definitely a keepsake that they cannot resist to admire.

Par excellence than others, it is Grayton Classic Automatic Watches.

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